BullRam High Impact Sockets

BullRam performance sockets revolutionary design will increase production time and safety for its operator. Perfect for automotive or production industries, where time is money and lodged nuts in socket barrels stop production cold.

  • Automotive service technicians
  • Removal of tires, faster & safer


BullRam is a specialized high impact socket that provides safe operation with an effective nut ejection method.

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    Better control of nut ejection methodsExterior socket sleeve controls interior piston for better overall control.

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    No hand contact with rotating parts Loosen larger bolts and nuts that are corrosively "frozen" or over-torqued.

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    Increased safety from pinch points Remove direct hand contact.

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    Improved operational controls Smooth operation at high rates of speed and torque excess of 600lbs of pressure.

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    Limits repetitive hand motion Increased safety and improved control.

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    No More Injured Hands Effective nut dislodging from socket.

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An impact driver spins at a high rate of speed every time you pull the trigger.

BullRam provides advancements that create significant improvement for the mechanic in the use of universal applications.

BullRam specs:

  • 3/8 drive impact rotates at 11,300 RPM and BPM(bumps per minute)
  • 1/2 9500rpm and 1200bpm
  • 3/4 11000rpm and 10050bpm
  • 1" 5250rpm and 750bpm

A modern mechanics triumph!

Don Kielack-Maintenance Mechanic

Simple, effective and worthwhile!

Mark Vanderpool-Engineering Mechanic

Logical design with a pragmatic solution.

James Sylvester- Aviation Mechanic

Safe and reliable operation...the #1 benefit of the BullRam sleeve!

Significant break through! Never before has there been a such a practical manufacturing tool compatible with such a great number of applications.